Sunday, February 15, 2009

I ♥ my Mum!

She's the best friend a dog could ever have. We had a really nice day yesterday, got to do some agility, tug, play some ball with Mum in the yard. She even cleaned the house and I didn't mind the Dyson too much. (She always feels better, more organized, and together when the house is clean). So...

Here I am with my favorite ball in the entire universe.

Here I am with my favorite tug.

Here's Gracie after a nice little agility run. Boy, she's got a big mouth, doesn't she :)

Here I am again, I was just a blur most of the day.

But the bestest part? Mum brought me and Gracie home a big surprise from the store. What did we get? Marrow bones!!!!

Here's Gracie, getting down on her bone.

And here I am with mine!

Hope all our friends had a super Happy Valentine's Day! We ♥ You!!!!!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Johann, Gracie and your mum!

    Gracie looks good in her weaving video! We have been trying all day to post our trial video on YouTube and can't get the upload page to load! Crazy!

    We only went to the trial yesterday - mom only scheduled us for one day to see how it all would go.

  2. Hooray for bones!

    Nothing a Dog likes better and keeps them teeth nice and clean too.


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