Saturday, February 28, 2009


We've been having some warmer days, well, not too warm, but above the freezing mark, anyways. And you know what that means, right?


Love mud! Do all of you like mud? Just wondering if it's a JoJo and Gracie thing, or whether all pups love mud?

So now we have muddy paw prints around the house. Mum knows exactly where I went after I come in from outside. She's put down all the towels at the backdoor again to soak up as much as possible, and we're gonna be going through that 'clean the paw' routine every time I come in from outside, I expect.

And she's gonna have to get out the steam cleaner, and clean up the carpets pretty soon. And wipe down the tile floor a lot more.

But Mum's pretty cool, she doesn't mind, as long as I'm happy and having fun! So I guess I'll indulge her wiping my paws a bit now and then, at least I get a treat after :) Woofs!


  1. Oh I LOVE Mud, I especially love to stick my nose in it and i love a good shake when I'm covered in mud, especially if mum happens to be standing close to me BOL!

    hope you are having a muddy fun weekend,

    love and smooches,

    Ben xxxxx

  2. Your Mommmy is so cool! I wish mine would let me play in the mud!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  3. You are so lucky, my mom gives me a bath after playing in mud.

  4. Yep, love mud too! You should've seen me today - we went for an awesome walk on a totally muddy, puddle-y trail that led to the beach of a lake - sand stuck on to my wet fur and mud and since the temperature was below freezing, it all froze into muddy-sandy icicles that hung from my legs, chest, and belly! Mom almost had a heart attack when she realized what I looked like but dad just laughed and laughed. (course dad isn't the one who has to clean me off!!)

  5. I do enjoy a good mud bath, mom does not get too happy when I have to get in the car afterwards but she is just happy that I am happy, so I behave in the tub when I get a quick wash up. Fair is fair.

  6. I love getting all muddy too but Mommy gets so upset all the time!

    Butt sniffs,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  7. So, you get to play in the mud and then get a treat as well.

    Dude, you have it sorted!

  8. oh my girls love the mud! but at least they don't roll in it.

    I just mopped the floor of my small house.. I had to change the water three times!

  9. Your mom just wipes your paws? Mine insists on foot baths, sometimes two per foot, every single time we come in. I like snow a LOT better and so does Mom!

  10. Your mum must have been really nice to clean up your mess and still get a treat after!LOL!


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