Friday, February 27, 2009

One of my new favorite toys - a toilet paper roll, BOL!

Ok, I know it's silly, but I just love grabbing cardboard-y stuff and running around the house with it. The other day I snagged an egg carton, yesterday I pilfered this super cool toilet paper roll!

First I ran off with it, maneuvering around the office furniture with Mum playing chase behind me...

The I tried to settle into a good tear up/chew session, but Mum had different plans, and decided to play tug with me, now that was fun!!!

Then after all the new excitement settle a bit, I finally got down to some chewing and tearing up! Ahhhh....there is just nothing better than stealing something, tearing it up and Mum letting me do it :)

At least I didn't nab one of the full toilet paper rolls like Gracie did last year, BOL! Doesn't she look super guilty?


  1. That looks like so much fun!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  2. Toilet paper rolls have always been one of my favorite toys too!

  3. I had a time in my life where mom called me the "TP Bandit" I would steel the TP every day and destroy it. It never failed as soon as mom would leave I would grab it off the ring, she went through a lot of rolls during that time. Now she keeps it in a drawer. She just takes all the fun away some times.

  4. I've always played with TPRs with my dogs--since 1978. They get really excited when I make trumpet noises and things like that; the roll makes the noise sound louder and funnier and they'll grab it right out of my hand. But watch your nose!

  5. Oh yeah! Watch out toilet rolls. My three are toilet roll stealing stealth ninjas.

    If it is brand new all the better.

    Makes much more mess that way!

  6. Ha! Well, at least it's an affordable toy that is being recycled! LOL

  7. you know what else is good to beat up? - those cardboard boxes that 12 cans of soda come in. Toss one of them my way and stand back!
    Your pal, Morgan


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