Monday, March 09, 2009

Around the dog-o-sphere!

There's been a lot of cool, interesting, fun, entertaining and educational stuff we've found recently around the dog-o-sphere! Here goes:

The new season - season 3 - of DogTown will start March 20th on the National Geographic Channel. Click here for a sneak peak!

Hector, a former Michael Vick pit bull, is now a certified therapy dog! Go Hector! Read more.

I admit, I enjoyed watching the agility live from Crufts this weekend. With all the controversy surrounding the event, I was wondering if some of the new breed standard changes that they implemented were holding up. Well, seems some don't think so. Read more.

Lita Roza, the lady that sang the song I never really liked, "How Much is that Doggie in the Window," never liked that song either. But she did have a place in her heart for animals. When she died in August she left £190,000 to animal charities. Read more.

We read on Martha Stewart's blog this morning that she lost her Chow pup, Ghenghis Khan, in that horrible Pennsylvania kennel explosion. What a horrible tragedy. Our hearts go out to Martha, and all the pups and hoomans effected.

We're big Petfinder peruser (I think that's a word :), so it was super cool when we saw this yesterday. Seems Victoria Stilwell is gonna help a shelter pup with training advice to help them get adopted! You can read their story and vote for your favorite pup to get Victoria's help.

The Animal Media Foundation (AMF), an organization that facilitates collaborations between the entertainment industry and animal welfare organizations has a new CD coming out that will be benefiting the Best Friends Animal Society. It's called "Giving Animals A Voice Through Music," and featured music by John Oates, Cyndi Lauper, Emmylou Harris and many others. You can pre-order the CD here! And it will begin shipping on March 11th.

Well, it's coming up on Spring and already we have the Roly Poly's invading our little abode. So we wrote a blog post on Raise A Green Dog about how we combat the little buggies, using an all natural, safe, inexpensive product, called Diatomaceous Earth. Check it out.

I thought this was a cool story. It's about rescued deaf boxer pup, Tag Heuer. He goes to work, works out, and is a happier, healthier pup fur it! Read more.

It's Iditarod time - the toughest dog sport on the planet with 10-17 days of grueling trekking through the Alaskan wilderness. It got underway officially yesterday. Visit their site to see the standings, amazing photos, videos and more.

I have some buds who have some bionic parts - like Charlie with the pacemaker that saved his life! So when I saw this it really caught my eye. Cassidy, a tripawd, got a prosthetic leg, wow! Read more.

I you haven't been living in a closet this past week, you probably know all about Oprah 'unveiling' her new rescue pup on her show last Friday. Meet Sadie, the new Cocker Spaniel addition to the Winfrey pack!

And last but not least fur now, 'cause I may need Orlando vacations after this, BOL!!

The ASPCA is partnering with iPhone game developer, GiantCrayon Games, throughout March and April to raise money for animals. For every copy of ShiveringKittens sold, GiantCrayon will donate $1 to the ASPCA. If you're into the iPhone and into games, check it out!

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