Saturday, March 07, 2009

Today is Gracie's Gotcha Day!!!!

Happy Gotcha Day, Gracie! We are so glad we found you!!!!

If you don't know, my sis, Gracie's story, she was taken from a hoarder who had 70 dogs in a rural county in Southern Indiana. The Sheriff took the dogs away from the hoarder and a vet in Seymour ended up with the 20 puppies (sadly, the 50 adult dogs were all euthanized for health issues and aggression, they said). The vet kept the 20 puppies in a cage for about six weeks, until we found Gracie on Petfinder. You can read more about Gracie's story here, she has her own Squidoo lens :)

Mum and I went down to Seymour to see her, and she took to me really well! (I can be a feisty one, sometimes). That day was a very special day, because it was the day we found Gracie, and Gracie found her furever home!

Here's a pic of Gracie on the first day she came to live with us on March 7th, 2006, she was about 6 months old!

That day we ran, and ran, and ran around the backyard. It was a nice, sunny, somewhat warm day for March, just like today!

This is the first pic ever taken of me and Gracie together the day after we adopted her. Mum had to teach her to sit and stay first :). She picked it up right away!

We soon found out that Gracie loves the water from the hose. That's when her Border Collie side comes out and she gets super manic and crazy over the water!

Gracie has taken some time to get used to not being stressed at agility trials, but she's been doing super good at them lately, and she loves training and trialing now. Go Gracie!

Gracie's favorite trick in the entire universe is 'wave.' She could do it over, and over, and over...

And this is Mum's most favorite pic of our Gracie Girl. It really shows just how sweet, happy, kind, caring, gentle, loving, and fun she is!

We love you Gracie!!!!!


  1. Happy Gotcha Day Gracie! Wow, was that really 2 years ago? We are so glad your mum found you!
    your pal. Morgan

  2. Happy Gotcha Day, Gracie! You couldn't have been got by a better mum! We hope you had a great day!

  3. Mom's leaking bekhause of that post!

    It made her think of finding me!

    We are so furtunate to have each other AND a great furever home too!

    Happy Gotcha Day Gracie!

    Woo were khute then and woo are khuter now!


  4. You were a beautiful puppy, Gracie! No wonder your mom and Johann couldn't resist you. Wishing you lots of treats and fun today.

  5. Happy Gotcha day. I am so happy you found such a great forever home. =)

  6. Happy gotcha day beautiful Gracie!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  7. Happy Gotcha Day to you Gracie!

    Butt sniffs,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  8. Hey Gracie! Hope you had a great Gotcha Day!!
    love ya,
    and the pack and pride

  9. Happy Gotcha Day, Gracie!
    What a lucky day for the whole family - and how good is your mom at "gettin!"

  10. Happy Gotcha Day to Gracie. She is beautiful in every way!


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