Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Catching treats!

One of the tricks Mum, Gracie and I have been working to perfect is catching treats - well, they are actually pieces of kibble, but you get the idea :)

We finally got it to the point of being able to have Mum throw the treats and video tape at the same time.

Mum has to keep a lower, calmer voice with me 'cause I tend to get kinda hyper and start offering up some other behaviors (like I did with the sneezing). It keeps me a bit calmer and focused. And she uses the higher 'good girl' voice for Gracie, 'cause Gracie really responds well to that. Mum is still counting fur us so we get our timing down. We'll be fading that soon!

When we started this trick neither one of us could catch a thing in our mouth. Mum started me with a little stuff toy, (actually one of the kittie's toys) and gradually reduced the size of the catch until we got to the tiny kibble.

Gracie? Well it took her a little longer and she learned a different way. Mum let her raise up to meet the treat, then gradually increased the space between the treat and Gracie, so that she can catch them from about three feet now. Mum loves how we both learn so differently - keeps her on her toes!

So here ya go! Catching treats!


  1. Great catching!!

    I'm pretty good at the catching trick too.. not through training, just because where food is involved I don't miss!! BOL!


    Ben xxx


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