Monday, March 02, 2009

A little agility, woofs!

Well, some of the days lately haven't been to bad for getting in a little agility practice in the backyard. Woofs!

Last time, Mum and I worked on nasty weave entrances; from the right and from the left. We got a little video (bad quality, sorries), but you'll get the idea. Check these out - Mum was pretty happy with 'em:

Then Gracie got in a little practice, she's working on more independent weave poles. She still likes her big 'Good Girls' when she goes through 'em, keeps her confidence up and knowing she's doing the right thing. One thing about Gracie, she will be a speed demon once she gets the hang of this agility stuff. Confidence will definitely build her speed!

Have to say we are really liking training on our own lately, since we don't have time to go to class. We're missing the contacts - especially the Dog Walk - but that's OK, we are having a whole lotta fun just training in our backyard.

Luckily Mum's already been to school and read enough college and university articles to know how to seek out information on her own. So, she's been studying up on some old and new Clean Run articles, books and online information to help with some of our challenge areas and getting some great ideas for building drive and speed. And it's working. I haven't been slow in weeks!

Gracie is the real challenge with speed in the backyard. She's 1st gear in the backyard and 5th gear at trials. But Mum is working with her on distance stuff too, in anticipation of Gracie's speed at trials and her being able to still read Mum. The cool thing is that the distance stuff with Gracie is building her confidence too. Good stuff!

Another thing Mum has been doing is teaching us new tricks. Will cover that stuff later in the week! Hope you have a great one!


  1. Good job, Johann, Gracie and your mum too! That's some awesome backyard agility!

  2. Nice work on the weave entries. You're looking good, and so, might I add, is Gracie! Last week in the weaves class I'm taking we did similar drills. Set of a serp of 4 jumps with weaves in the center, like a big T. Lot's of tough entries from all directions.

  3. I wish the snow would melt so we could do the same!

  4. Oooh yeah, keep practicing those weave entries. Mom still has to work me on the tricky ones in class and at home.
    I'm like Gracie at trials, that 5th gear gets Mom every time.
    We're going to our first trials of the year on Saturday and I have a few surprises in store for her...
    (don't tell Mom)



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