Monday, April 06, 2009

I'm a lucky dog!

The other day I got a cool package in the mail. It was from our new friends at Lucky Dog Cuisine. And you know what that means? Food, yes food!!!

Lucky Dog Cuisine was created to offer an option of serving quality home cooked meals for your dog that you don't have to make yourself. A blend of proteins and carbohydrates made with all natural ingredients, backed by years of research.

The pre-packaged meals came packed in a Styrofoam box with dry ice, and was perfectly frozen when it arrived at our doorstep.

Mum unpacked the meals and put them right into the freezer, with one pack in the fridge to thaw.

So yesterday, once it was all thawed out, Mum heated up the meals just a tad on the stove and added in a little of the meals to our kibble (since you all know that you always change your pets diet gradually, right? Of course you do!!!).

Our first sampling of Lucky Dog Cuisine was the Tail Wagging Turkey which contains turkey sauteed with tomatoes & brown rice, with filtered water. It also includes a nice blend of pureed peas and carrots, low fat yogurt, wheat germ, virgin olive oil and a tad of garlic (which I don't like to have much of, but a bitty tad is ok now and then). They have other 'flavors' as well, and ones without garlic too. Check out their website for more info.

So what did I think? I think I want more!!! It tasted really good. Licked my bowl clean as you can see and was asking Mum for more!

And how did it effect my system? Didn't effect it at all! All was perfectly solid. That's always a good thing with my IBS.

Now, I can't wait for breakfast!

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  1. Woo made my mom hungry too!

    Tank woo fur sharing...even if woo didn't akhtually share!



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