Monday, April 06, 2009

Weather is broken as my friend says!

The last three days the weather broke!

Sunday was a beautiful day! We got to do some agility in the backyard, and work on our dog walk running contact training, that was fun. (We'll have another progression update later this week). Not only do I run around the house like a wacky dog when she gets her agility shoes out of the closet, but now I do the same thing when she gets the video camera out, BOL!

Here's Gracie on Saturday, enjoying the 'just about ready to bloom' daffodils after her little agility session.

Mum got a pic of me in the middle of a good bird herding session later in the day. You may think that maybe I was herding bunnies, with my hop!

After some agility in the backyard, some bird herding and a little hike through the woods nearby, we got to enjoy some pawsome marrow bones (we just love those :) Here's Gracie and I enjoying our treasures.

And of course after a marrow bone, you have to find the softest couch and roll your face all over it. The joy of it all!!!!

Then we woke up Sunday to tons of rain. It rained, and rained, and rained some more. Here's our backyard after a day of all that wet stuff. We had a little lake! But the rain didn't stop us, both Gracie and I enjoyed some rain zoomies, right through the lake, taking certain bathroom safety precautions, BOL!

Luckily the lake disappeared by the time we got up this morning. But the rain was replaced with snow! Couldn't believe it, is it winter again?

So we got to enjoy a nice day inside today, resting up from the fun this weekend. But I had to keep one eye on Mum all day just to make sure she was working :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I had a marrow bone on sunday!

    I think I'm still on a khanine high from it!


  2. Yes, the weekend weather was great but I was sick! Missed my second trial and everything. As soon as I felt better, the weather got bad. But we didn't get the rain like you did! My gosh, it must be fun to do lake zoomies in your own backyard!


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