Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The weather has been kinda nice around here! So what have we been doing? Besides a little backyard agility practice, we've been wrestling! Mum took so many pictures of us she's thinking she needs a KVM switch so she can edit these photos faster! BOL!

It's time for Wrestlemania!!!!

Here we are on a collision course!

Ha! I got her!

Gracie is just about down for the count!

Oh no, she's trying the headlock move!

Ha! I got her screaming, I give, I give!!!!

Oh no, I think she's got me!

Didn't work! I'm loose!

After that, we of course have to settle in to a nice drink!

Pretty fun couple of days!

1 comment:

  1. Johann and Gracie - you two are professional dog wrestlers! Must be fun to have each other to play with!

    Wasn't the nice weather awesome? Seems to have kind of disappeared today!


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