Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh so cool! More intelligent dog games!

I was over at Karen Pryor's site the other day, and got so excited when I discovered she is selling some of the popular and amazing Nina Ottosson Intelligent dog toys, different than the ones I talked about just before the Holidays that Clean Run has available. You can see them all on her site here, then click on the Puzzle Toys & Boredom Busters on the right navigation bar!

Here they are:
Dog Box - The Dog Box is an amusing game for you to enjoy with your dog. This game develops your dog’s intelligence and puzzle-solving skills by teaching him to put toy blocks into a box with holes on top. The game has three degrees of difficulty. When your dog succeeds in getting the block into the hole, treats fall out. Once your dog understands how the Dog Box works, the upper board can be replaced with one of the other two boards.
Dog Puzzler - The DogPuzzler is an exciting hide-and-seek style game for your dog. The dog hunts for snacks by moving blocks in four different directions. Underneath each block is a hollow for hiding snacks. The blocks can only be lifted up (and checked for snacks!) at the end of each track. Vary the game by using more than one block in the same track. To make the game harder, use big Dog Smart blocks or a rolled-up piece of cloth or paper to lock the rounded part of the track. Your dog will have to remove this lock in order to get to the DogPuzzler block.
Dog Twister - Dog Twister is a challenging, fun game for you and your dog. Hide dog snacks underneath the various discs. Your dog learns to look for dog snacks by moving one disc after the other in different directions. You can make the game more difficult by locking the discs in position with wooden pegs. Your dog will learn to loosen the discs by lifting the pegs one by one. Start by locking a few of the discs in position. When your dog has learned what to do, you can lock all the discs in position.
Dog Turbo - Put small dog snacks or dry food in the passages. Let the dog move the blocks with its paw or nose against the side, thereby moving the snacks so that the snacks can fall out through different holes. The blocks cannot be lifted. Ingenious, tricky and fun.
Dog Casino - To play, the dog looks for treats by pulling out flaps in different directions. In each flap there is a depression where a treat can be hidden. You can increase the degree of difficulty by locking the flaps using the plugs on the top.

Can I have at least one, Mum? Paaalllleeeeeaaaasssseeee!

A couple of vids!


  1. Thanks for sharing these toys!As a pet sitter and a volunteer at a local animal shelter, I cannot tell you how valuable these toys are!
    I need to see if I can get some!

  2. those all look way too complicated for me, I do not even think my mom could figure those out. =)

  3. cool! mom says maybe I can get another one - we just have to decide which one. I have the tornado - love it. Not tired of it yet either..
    your pal, Morgan

  4. My mom buys these for me, and they are my very FAVORITE toys!!! I get SOOOO excited when she asks me if I want to play with a puzzle :) So far, I have the dog brick and the tornado.

    Behr Behr :)

  5. Ohh, Johann, you are right! I love the look of these new puzzles. Hmmm... waiting for another time when there will be free postage to Australia.

    Here's hoping.


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