Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Canis Film Festival Winners!

Looks like blowing bubbles is the 'in'!

We did a post not too long ago about many of our YouTube friends blowing bubbles, all having a blast. Originally inspired by Misha and Noriko Aso back in October of 2008, the latest Grand Prize Winner of the Canis Film Festival is blowing bubbles too! Check this out.

The 2nd place winner, is Lilou, walking on a treadmill:

And our favorite, the 2nd runner up, is a video that takes a look at clicker training from the animal's point of view. It focuses on a rescue Border collie mix who learns how to greet people politely. Enjoy!

The Canis Film Festival is designed to showcase innovative, highly–communicative, short videos on animal training. These videos help educate pet owners and professionals who work with animals—dogs, cats, horses, rats, birds, llamas, and more.

For more information about clicker training, we highly recommend visiting Karen Pryor's site:

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  1. Baddog's video was my favorite too. I get excited whenever Mom gets my clicker out--we're working on a new trick right now!


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