Thursday, April 02, 2009

Get ticked off! April is Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month!

It's time to get ticked off!

This month is Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month, a time to learn about dogs and ticks, learn about how to prevent those little buggers, and how you can help keep your pup from contracting Lyme Disease.

Last year during the height of tick season, we put together a new Squidoo Lens - Dogs and Ticks. It has lots of great info about dogs and ticks, including pics of ticks (hey, that rhymes!), tick locations in the US, prevention info (including the Anibio Tic Clip (one of the most popular tick preventatives in Europe), more of the latest in all-natural tick prevention, and one of our favorite videos - "I'd like to check you for ticks" :) Enjoy!

During the month of april, has all their flea and tick preventatives 10% off. They specialize in eco-friendly, and safer alternatives for your pets. They also carry the new Anibio Tic Clip.

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  1. I met a little doxie at an antique store the other day. His mama said he lost his eyes due to lyme disease. :( Poor little guy.


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