Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dogs protect nearly endangered big cats!

We thought this was pretty cool! Over 250 Turkish Anatolian Shepherd (sheepdog) dogs work with the Cheetah Conservation Fund and farmers to protect sheep and other livestock from the African cheetahs, saving the big cats from potential shootings by offended farmers and potential extinction.

The Cheetah Conservation Fund's Livestock Guarding Dog program has been helping to save the wild cheetah in Namibia since 1994. Working with local farmers and their livestock, the dogs and this program is one of several non-lethal predator management strategies that CCF has developed over the years. With all the hard work they do, bet those pups keep pretty thin, with no need for those Fenphedra pills, BOL!!

The program not only saves the cheetah from being hunted but also creates goodwill between the CCF and the farmers, greatly improving the cheetah's chances for survival.

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