Thursday, April 23, 2009

DVD Giveaway - Hotel for Dogs!!!

Woo, hooo! I was super excited when I got an email yesterday from the nice folks at Paramount Home Entertainment.

Hotel for Dogs will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on April 28th and the distributors are providing us with one DVD to giveaway to our readers...Woofs! See the end of this post for instructions to enter and win!

A fun-filled family adventure with heartwarming canine comedy from Dreamworks Pictures and Nickelodeon Pictures, Hotel For Dogs follows the adventures of two orphans as their quest to find a home for their pooch leads them to create a haven for all the stray dogs in the city. Filled with lovable dogs and ingenious kids, Hotel For Dogs has the kind of pedigree that the whole family can enjoy.

Check out this cool trailer!

Loaded with over 45 minutes of special features, the Hotel For Dogs DVD and Blu-ray presentations include the making of Hotel For Dogs, behind-the-scenes featurettes, deleted scenes, photo galleries and more, as well as commentary from director Thor Freudenthal, producer Ewan “Jack” Leslie and cast members Emma Roberts and Jake T. Austin.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post, with your name and email address (if you're shy about leaving your email in my comments, feel free to email me @ with your name. And BTW, we promise not to use your email for any purposes!). By doing this you will be entered into the drawing (and we'll have a way to get back in touch with you if you win :)

I personally will be selecting the winner, through my usual process, which is Mum puts all the entries on little white pieces of paper on the floor, then sends me to them to pic just one. I'll be picking the winner on April 28th, and then we will let Paramount Home Entertainment know who our winner is and they will be sending the winner their new Hotel For Dogs DVD on April 28th (or shortly thereafter). Oh, please note, US residents only please! (Apologies to my friends across the pond, and further north & south!)

So get your entries in! K?

To get in the mood, visit the Hotel For Dogs site, for fun, games and more on the cast, crew and the dogs! If you just can't wait to see if you're a winner, you can pre-order the DVD from Amazon, and it will be sent on the 28st! Here are the links for the widescreen, full screen and blu-ray editions:

And this is new!!! Download the movie on demand and watch it on your TiVo or PC, only $3.99! Cools!


  1. Oh cool! I had wanted to see this movie. ;) (I'm still a kid at heart).

    theundomesticatedwife @ yahoo .com

  2. This looks cute! I'm looking forward to seeing it!

    angela (at) scifichick (dot) com

  3. I have it in my queue on netflix but what a nice offer that I cannot refuse!

    cutethings at gmail dotcom

  4. Hi Johann,
    Derby and I went to see Hotel for Dogs in the movie theater with some of the other dogs in our guide dog group. Derby loved the movie because he was able to make some noise of his own and everyone thought it was coming from the dogs in the movie.

  5. We are excited about seeing the movie. But what fun to enter a drawing for a free copy! Thank you.

    Emma Rose

  6. Mom said she'd share the popcorn if we win this time! BOL


  7. Mom said she'd share the popcorn this time if I win!! BOL


  8. Thats so nice of them to offer it to us dog lovers. Diana

  9. Oh Boy! I would love to be able to watch this movie with Mom and Dad, since I can't go in the theater with them. Not only that, but I get snacks for staying out of the kitchen while they make popcorn. :)

    I'm sure I would have fun barking at the dogs in the movie. I have to tell movie/t.v. dogs to leave our house when the t.v. is turned off. They always obey me,too :)

    Behr Behr

  10. We already have the movie but haven't really watched it. Haven't had the time. Hehehe!

    Solid Gold Dancer

  11. My daughter and I missed this when it was in theaters and we've got it saved on Netflix but we'd love to own it; we'd watch it over and over.

    shel704 at aol dot com

  12. Great giveaway. I love Emma Roberts and this movie looks so cute.

  13. I have heard nothing but good things about this movie.

    tammigirl @ gmail (dot) com


Thanks for barking in!

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