Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Duck necks RAWK!!!!

Hey, remember that I told ya that Mum was getting me a bunch of duck necks? I just had to show ya how great they are!!!

Here's a pick of the first duck neck we got a week or so ago. For the first one, Mum cut it proportionately to my size and Gracie's size. Don't want to over do it, right?

Here I am enjoying my first neck, nummmoooo!

And here's Gracie enjoying hers!

After having them about every other day for the past week, I'm doing quite well with them. But we're gonna have to cut back on how many Gracie gets in a week. They don't agree with her as much.

Mum kinda believes that if something agrees with ya, you most probably need it. If it doesn't maybe you don't? We'll a good thought anyways.

So I'm getting about 1/3 of a duck neck every other day. And Gracie's now getting 1/2 of one about every four or five days. We gots lots of 'em, since we had to buy them in bulk. It took Mum three hours to separate them and rebag them for our freezer. Now she doesn't have much room for her food, BOL!!! But we sure are glad she got 'em fur us!


  1. well, they look pretty darn good. If Gracie can't eat them, then that's more for you - Right?
    your pal, Morgan

  2. Mmmm, yum. As long as Jake never associates the duck necks with the cute ickle ducklings on the canal ...


Thanks for barking in!

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