Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun Games - Leg Weaving!

It's time for more fun games!

Leg weaving is another one of my favorite fun game tricks. In the beginning of the video you'll see me do my 'danger' move (go between Mum's legs, where it's safe :). Then I do the around the legs moves, which always gets me all riled up. Sometimes Mum will do this with me if we have a little delay at the start line before our agility run. Always gets me going!

We hope you enjoy! It's easy to teach, you'll see how!

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  1. Very cute and well done, Johann! The Vanhoutte spirea makes for an excellent background! :)

  2. Nice moves, Johann and easy to follow.

  3. looks like you are on your way to doggie freestyle dance!
    your pal, Morgan

  4. Nice moves! We do those as well, I sometimes think you wouldn't want to do that with a dog very much bigger than Jake. xGus n Jake


Thanks for barking in!

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