Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Around the Agility dog-o-sphere!

It's been a while since we did our 'around the agility dog-o-sphere' post. So let's get right to it, lots to cover!

Our friends Katie and Eric at Agility Vision have some new stuff going on. The first exciting thing is that Katie now has a blog, and she's been showing some cool training she's doing with her Sheltie, Miley; particularly the proofing of five weeks of running dogwalk training (ala Silvia Trkman). So check it out. And click on the pics of the post for the videos.

Speaking of Silvia, we found this post and video of a seminar she recently held. I picked up a few little tips, you may too!

Secondly, AgilityVision now has a new forum where you can ask Katie about some of her super secret training techniques. Katie was kind enough to share on the forum the tips she gave us for helping Gracie get deeper into the yellow on her running dog walk. Check it out.

AgilityVision is also doing some super cool VOD and DVD seminars - one of which is the upcoming foundation skills DVD by Russian Champion Svetlana Tomanova, "Secrets of Russia: Foundation by Svetlana Tumanova." Why look into rv camping when you can get great training info right in the comfort of your own home :)

Mum and I will be getting an advanced copy of the DVD which goes on sale July 1st, so stay tuned for our review. Did I tell ya, I am a lucky dog!

Last from AgilityVision - they are going to EO coming up July 25th and 26th, so stay tuned. We'll let you know what they'll be filming and how you can see the action.

Speaking of EO...The British Agility Team for EO has been announced. Their team will include Dave Munnings, Greg Derrett, Bernadette Bay and others. Should be some great competition! You can also see the teams from Holland, Belgium, France.

Here is the complete list of entries for EO, as well as the country list. US competitors include:

Aiko & Susan Cochran
Skylar & Ann Zarr
Bree Sea, Nika & Elicia Calhoun
Dan & David Skvorak
Slick & Lisa Marie Bowers
Yankee & Olga Chaiko
Sweep & Roger Anderson
Roo, Binkie & Jannneke Case
Smitten & Melanie Miller
Reebok & Lisa Jarvis
Export & Tracy Sklenar
Harry & Anna Ericsson
Rock-It & Barb Davis
Sully & Mary Jo Johnson
Jazzmine & Della Sliker
Jeep & Katie Trachte
Breeze & Anne Stocum
Jib & Suzi Cope
Jente & Sue Megenity
April & Lori Borrowman
Chase & Deborah McBride
Siryn & Sarah Dow

(I hope I got everyone's name right, reading the EO site was kinda challenging :) Good luck to everyone!

If you're looking for some agility courses to get ideas on training, check out this new site, brought to you by Team Fernandezlopez. Don't worry, they say they get full permission from the judges before posting the course maps. Oh, and if you can, be sure and give 'em a tip for all the hard work it takes to put something like this together for the good of the agility community. We know how much work goes into something like this is.

Remember Mum and I had been working for a long time to learn how I can jump into her arms after an agility run? Here's the method (with some variation) we used, from Gone to the Dogs. (The reason it took us so long is the transition from lap to Mum leaning on the wall, so we moved back to Mum sitting on pillows before leaning. It really helps my confidence when Mum has a leg out for me, her leg furthest away from me. And, Mum has a treat in her hand nearest my nose after jumping, really helped too, BOL!) Enjoy!

Be sure and keep an eye out for Dog Sports Magazine's September issue. Looks like we're gonna be in it, OMD!!

Life and Times of Team Whisner attended a nose work seminar. Seems there's a new dog sport a paw (or is it a foot). Anyway, check out their post on the seminar they attended and then head on over to the website for the new titling and governing body for the sport, the National Canine Scent Work Association. Hmmm...may be some interesting trick work in my future :)

In case you missed Rockin' Rory and Tony, from New Castle, Indiana (hey, that's where my Mum was born!) on America's Got Talent last night, check this out! We sure and wish them luck, and hope they make it to the finals!

I love this video on teaching a puppy front and rear cross. Enjoy!

If you'd like to see some great clicker and trick videos to get some new ideas for training, check out this YouTube channel from Emily Larlham at Kikopup!

DogChannel has an interesting article with info from Debbie Gross-Saunders about stretching your dog, worth a quick read.

This blog post from Justine Davenport is a great reminder to give it all you've got all the time you are training with your dog. It includes a video training session by Greg Derrett. In it you can see that there is no down time, no time to be confused, just action and reward, action and reward, giving 110%. Love it!

Ingerid Margrete of The Wins & Losses of a Clicker Trained Agility Dog found this fun video. And be sure and stop by to see some of her posts, training with Fanny Gott and training her running contacts.

A few other vids...check out Jenny Damm teaching Ogin some tunnel discriminations; Scandel learning proprioception, and Chris Parker proofing weave entrances.

Nancy Gyes has a new blog. Looking forward to some great posts and info. Thanks Ellen for the head up :)

That's it for now! Enjoy!


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