Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Running dogwalk - it's coming along, nicely!

Gracie and I have continued working on our running dogwalk training over the past weeks. And we think it's coming along very nicely, although a little slower than we expected, mostly because of time we have to work on it.

You may remember in previous posts (Progressions #1, #2, #3, #4), we had a bit of challenge in getting Gracie to run deeper into the yellow. Well, it's fixed for now!

We got some great tips from a great agility trainer (aka, one time world team member who I'm sure would love to remain anonymous :). Thank you to her for helping us get Gracie running through. It was a super easy fix, and an idea that we would never have thought of. I'll be sure and ask her if it's ok to share her tip and get back with ya.

Now that Gracie's running through, and I'm doing pretty well in striding through the yellow, we raised the board another 6 or so inches. And guess what? We've been at 100% for the past three sessions at the height in the vid below. So it's time to raise it again tonight! Yeah!


  1. Johann - you and Gracie are doing a fantastic job on your running contacts! Mom is using our teeter board to try to get me to run the dogwalk faster - thanks to your mum's great idea!

  2. I saw your squidoo lens and got to know that you are giant squidoo. That is really impressive.

    Video is really fabulous ... amazing

  3. Just saw your squidoo lens and I must say that I am impressed. Videos are really exciting and great ones.

    Great job.


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