Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun Games - Are you shy?

You would never know it when you meet us, but Gracie and I are kinda shy, NOT!!!!

We may be shy about getting an auto insurance quote, but we certainly aren't shy for clicks and treats, BOL!!!

This trick, for some reason, was a little more difficult for me, not so much for Gracie. Gracie figured out she had a snout right away. Me? Not so fast. First Mum had to teach me that I had a nose. It took a little time, but once I got that, doing the trick was a breeze.

Because I get kinda manic when I learn new tricks, I don't like to hold behaviors. I like to do 'em and go on with life! So until Mum can teach me to 'hold' it, this is our latest installment of Fun Games - Are You Shy?

Double Time!


  1. Gracie IS really good at shy! I'm like you, Johann, and get all manic about it and don't hold the behavior. You're better than me - all I do is briefly turn my head away. If you blink, you miss it!

  2. Bravo!
    I'm not shy to say that I admire your learning skill, you two are so cute doing the trick!

  3. Cool, teaching both dogs at the same time! They sure do love learning new things eh.

  4. Very cute ! My human wanted to teach me this, but they say that I can't seems to do it. Any tricks ?

  5. Hey there you four! There are a couple of ways to teach this trick. For both me and Gracie we just offered the behavior and Mum took advantage when we did to isolate it as a trick.

    Some folks put a little post it note (since they aren't as sticky) on a pups head or nose, then when they try to get it off it creates shy, then they have to fade the tape.

    Some folks use a form of shake and treat low when the pup is lying down to form a shy. So you're lying down and your Mum gets you to put your head on the floor between you paws with a treat, then when you've mastered that. She takes your paw in her left hand, and a treat in her right hand, and crosses your paw over your head while treating you on the ground. That's hard to explain, but....

    Hopefully one of those tricks will work for ya! Have fun!


Thanks for barking in!

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