Monday, June 15, 2009

Hot, but fun weekend!

It was a pretty hot weekend. Not so much in temperature but with humidity. Yikes, Mum's shirt was soaked all weekend, and Gracie and I needed some cooling off!

So Mum went and got out our kiddie pool. Dog did that feel good! Gracie of course had to attack the hose when Mum was filling it up. But the minute that was over, I was in there baby! Cooling my heels (wait do dog's have heels?) Anyways, it sure was nice to have our kiddie pool back, you really know it's summer then!

Mum wanted to update everyone on what's blooming in our yard. Here's our lavender, it's gonna be a bit smaller than last year, but will be smellin' heavenly in no time. Maybe I can get Mum to make me a lavender wand for my crate?

Here are the Anthony Waterer Spirea in the front of our house. They need a trim, badly! But Mum didn't have the heart until after their first bloom. We love the color!

Here's our Hydrangea, it's just starting to bloom. Mum and I think it's neat how the blooms start green , turn to light green, then cream color, then light brown and dried. Mum leaves the blooms on the plant until late fall, then she cuts them and adds them to the wreath on our front door, that's filled with dried flowers. Lots of people have asked her how she makes them. She doesn't buy a thing from Total Merchant Services to make them, she just gathers up weeds and spent blooms and puts it all together. Makes every one unique, fun stuff!

Mum trimmed more shrubs and, of course, we helped gather up the sticks. Love that! And then each day we got in a little dogwalk and other agility practice. No vids, yet. But Mum did snap a pic of me going up the dog walk to get in a good ear scritch!

Hope you all had a super cool, super fun weekend!


  1. Our lavender is all budded too and mom can't wait to harvest it and bring it inside! It smells so awesome!
    We love that picture of you attacking the water, Gracie!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Hope you had fun playing pool!

    Solid Gold "Actress"

  3. We always love to see what's blooming in your garden, Johann! Stay cool in your pool!

  4. I LOVE the hose drinking/pool shot! What a wonderful photo.

    I just learned from another friend that one is supposed to post on the 15th of every month what's blooming in your yard. I had no idea, but obviously you did! This is a cool idea. But it could take me ages to list everything. WIll have to think about it.

  5. Mom didn't get my pool out yet. Now I am miffed.
    have fun.


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