Friday, June 12, 2009

USDAA Northeast Regionals livestream!

Cool! Looks like the folks at USDAA are testing some new software for the live stream event at Cynosport this fall.

The best part is it looks like they're going to be testing it out during this weekend's Northeast Regionals. Details here. Check during the weekend and hopefully you'll get a chance to watch some of the action!

Guess what we'll be doing this weekend between our agility practicing?


  1. Oh wow, that's cool what USDAA's going to do this weekend. One of our agility instructors will be there so maybe we'll tune in and try to catch her. Mom's going to be up in PA anyway on Sunday at a dog show with my little nephew Ollie at his first show. I don't think she'll be close enough to stop by though...


  2. Glad they're testing things. They crowed about some wonderful new technology (including this, I believe) at Scottsdale last year and then we ended up with nothing for abut a day and a half and then substandard mostly after that.


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