Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A few videos from the European Open 09!

We've found a few videos from the European Open this past weekend.

Here's a montage of the French teams:

Silas Boogk and Back:

We believe this is Roger van de Laarschot & Troy (sheltie) from The Netherands:

And we believe this is Stephanie Tiemann & Chilly and Thorsten Tiemann & Pepper (both Manchester Terriers)

See more here and here! And check back, we may find more.


  1. Wow I could never run that fast if my tail was on fire!


  2. Hi Gracie

    Tks for the visit,

    my videos are on line :) i had a few hollidays after the EO ..i just need a rest :)

    you can find more videos in my youtube chanel

    tomorrow ..the videos of the Fast, Faster the Fastest



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