Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The hawk is back and he's feeding in my yard!

That darn hawk that hangs around our house, got super bold this morning! He found some mice and started feeding in my yard! Can you believe that little bugger?

Here he is in the corner of my yard near the fence, checking out Mum with the camera. (And yes, Mum put a temporary board there to keep Gracie from escaping until she can fix the fence.)

He got a little spooked when he came close and tried to take his prey up to one of my fence posts.

He dropped the little mouse and had to try again to get his prey to safety. He made it the second time.

Here you can see his breakfast dangling from his talons! (It's kinda hard to see, but it's right in the middle of the top of the fence post.) Hey, that's my mouse!

Mum finally scared him off and he took his prey to the backside of our hill to feast. Then Mum went out about an hour later (she wouldn't let me go out, just in case) and he was back for seconds, OMD! What a glutton!


  1. Mom would LOVE him/her!

    She's a hawk spotting type - and she doesn't even try to look fur them!

    Tank woo fur sharing the pikhs!


  2. We don't like hawks in our yard either, Johann! They're just too darn aggressive and possessive!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Normally we don't like hawks in our yard either but now we have a RAT living under our neighbor's shed and mom would love to have the hawk swoop in and carry it off!

  4. Poor little mouse. But what a superb bird.

  5. We have a bunch of hawks in our neighborhood and the crows gang up to chase them away. It's like Westside Story with birds, hee,hee.

  6. are you kidding? you are LUCKY to have that gorgeous bird (a Coopers Hawk, I believe: ) in your yard.

    what a beauty.

  7. Hey Johann,

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for sniffing around my place some time back. My secretary gets side tracked at times and I have to nip him in the butts to distract him long enough to help me bark.

    What sad news about Charlie. He was such a great dog. My peeps are very sad. They hope that Charlie's family is doing alright.

    So cool to have a hawk in your yard. We have lots of red-tailed hawks around but not in our yard. You're so lucky. It is a good thing to be careful. Anything with four feet could be a hawk's meal. Good thing peeps have just two feet. :o))

    Suzy ∆••


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