Monday, August 03, 2009

Walkin' the walk!

Mum, Gracie and I have been walking a lot lately, mostly because the weather has been just amazing, nice and cool in the evenings. Mum decided to take our Palm Centro with us the other day and get a few pics, so we could show you some of our neighborhood. We thought for a phone camera they came out pretty good :)

Here we are waiting somewhat patiently for Mum to get movin'.

Awww...finally we are off!

First order of the walk, checking peemails since yesterday's walk.

And we always have to sit at the curb before crossing the road. Safety first, Mum always says. I don't think I've crossed a single street my entire five years of life before sitting. Gotta watch out for those cars and hid lights and look right and left (or is it left and right :)

Then we're off again, here's one of our nice walk views, sidewalks everywhere, new trees planted between the sidewalks and the road, lots and lots of look a like houses and overly fertilized green grass, that Mum doesn't like us to be on too much.

Every time we turn this certain corner, there's a house with a bunny in the yard. Shhhh...Gracie still thinks it's real, silly girl! She pulls and tugs and squeals her fool head off everytime we get near it. BOL!!!

Then we turn another corner to see one of four retention ponds in our neighborhood. Gracie loves them!!! Me too!!! But Mum doesn't let us go there much, lots and lots of duck poo, yum! And since they are retention ponds they are basically the run off from the streets and everyone's overly fertilized lawns, nasty stuff! We thought once we saw a two headed fish in theres.

Every other house has these utility boxes in the yard. The nice thing is that all cables and lines are buried in our neighborhood, so we don't lose our electricity very much, or our cable during storms. The' in' thing is to plant perennial grasses around them to hide them from view since they are in lots and lots of front yards. They are also very nice places for little critters to hide.

Sitting at the curb again, and we sat and stayed too, for treats of course! Nearly home after a couple of miles...

Of course a 2-3 mile walk just wasn't enough for us pups! We had to get our zoomies on after we got home.

And of course Gracie had to have her time in the pool. Wait...the pool's dry!

Not for long!!! Super refreshing!

Hope every one and every pup had a pawsome weekend! We sure did!


  1. Hi Johann
    What harness are you and Gracie wearing? It looks comfie!
    Stewie JRT

  2. Hey Nancy and Stewie! They are Puppia harnesses. Mum did a huge, and I mean huge, amount of research to try and find me just the right harness that wouldn't restrict any of my movement, cause one harness I had before aggravated my iliopsoas muscle that I pulled.

    Gracie's is a little loose, but mine fits pawsome. We love them!!! And I stopped pulling so hard to, well most of the time :)

    You can see them on our site here:

    Oh, and they come in loads of colors, I have another one that's bright green :)

  3. BOL - you walks are like our walks - lots of place we aren't allowed to go much, fertilizer, dirty water, we zig-zag around a lot of stuff. If the lawn looks pretty we are not allowed on it! Sure would like to see that fish though!
    Morgan and Maisie

  4. Hey Morgan & Maisie! Nice to hear that other pups have to avoid things too, sometimes we think we're the only one, BOL!!!!

  5. We have a lot of those overly fertilized lawns in our neighborhood too! What are people thinking?


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