Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fun Games - Bang. Wait....Double Bang!

Gracie and I are dead, dead doggies, Mum shot us both, OMD!!! Just kidding...

This is one of Gracie's favorite tricks and also one of the first tricks she learned. When Gracie learned this trick, Mum knew that she was finally having some fun in life after coming to live with us after being taken from a hoarder. Way to go Gracie!

So to make it more interesting Mum decided we needed to 'play dead' together, now that was a trick, literally. First you'll notice that one of us likes to go right, and the other likes to play dead left. BOL!!! So Mum just has to make sure I'm on Gracie's right, or we bang into each other, we don't like that and well, it kinda ruins the trick :)

Since this vid, we don't have to go into a down first, we'll go 'bang' from a stand or a sit! But Mum still likes to point that finger gun at us, BOL!!!


  1. This is great! I love the first time when they're perfectly synchronized in getting up and eating their treats. Adorable.
    How did you go about teaching this trick?

  2. Thanks Natalie! Glad you liked it.

    It was easy to teach/learn. We started individually, with a down and Mum waited until we went over on our side and clicked. After we got that down, she named it bang and added in the gun she makes with her hand.

    Once we were both doing it easily, then Mum just had us do it together. It's a fun trick! Hope you enjoy.

  3. We love that trick. Linus does it the same way with the gun and bang. I haven't taught Stetson this trick, but I'm sure a double bang would be a hit with friends and family.

  4. Heehee! What a funny trick!

    Gus and Waldo

  5. Oh we loved your new trick! What fun. We watched the video several times - the whole family :)

  6. thats really cool. you two are quite a team.
    your pal, Morgan

  7. LOVE it! Johann and Gracie you are too cute!


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