Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A little of this, and a little of that!

It's gone from super hot, to super cool...and the last few days have been so nice outside! A great relief after the 90's we had last week.

We were Twittering with a friend of ours in California last week and told them that we had a lot of Cardinals this year. (Great bird herding, by the way). They just had to see a pic, since they had never seen a Cardinal.

For some reason this is the first year we've seen Cardinals in our neighborhood since we moved here. Don't know why they weren't here before, and we don't know why they came back. But it's cool to see a variety of colors of birds for herding, BOL! BTW - they like to fly into the windows a lot, silly birds.

Mum took some pics of the flowers blooming in our yard this week. Here is one of our yellow daisies. Mum loves how the sun is backlighting and enhancing the cool yellow color of the daisies.

And here's our lavender, in full bloom. Mum loves it when I zoom through it, 'cause I smell so good when I come in side.

Here are our Black Eyed Susans, not many of them this year, but they look nice!

Awwww, and our Hydrangea. It's looking very good this year with all the rain, but now that it's gotten really dry, Mum is having to water it a lot. See, it's getting droopy.

So what else has been going on? We've been working on our running dogwalk, of course, and doing some other agility in the backyard. We've been taking some long, long walks since the weather has been cooler (we missed those with all the heat). And we got somethin' in the mail this weekend.

The nice folks at Animal Planet sent us some Groomer Has It poo bag holders, for blogging about the show. We had fun watching the show, and want to congratulate Huber for winning this year's Groomer of the Year. Maybe you can buy some loose diamonds with your winnings, Huber! Thanks Animal Planet for the poo bag holders, we like 'em!

Today we're supposed to get some deliveries from the Brown Dude. My uber cool Birthday present is supposed to arrived today - the Nina Ottosson Dog Turbo. We can't wait for that!

And Mum order some memory to upgrade my 'puter. Now she can get some of my work done faster, BOL!!!

We updated the front page of my website - - 'cause we found some neat dog gear, toys, treat and other stuff pawing around on the Internet this past weekend. You may want to check it out - those Nite Ize toys are super cool (they have balls and discs that glow), and you won't want to miss the Tuffy's Sheep. You know us herding breeds love our sheep!

We also really thought the Tubtrugs are cool, they are made from 100% recycled post industrial waste, and Mum thought they'd make great cooling off tubs for me and Gracie. And Clean Run has a new Ice Pod Cooling Disc to help keep us pups cool in our crates while waiting our runs.

And the best new thing? Two brand new Nina Ottosson toys are on the market now - the Dog Trubble and the Dog Domino, and the supplier will ship nearly anywhere in the World.

You may want to head on over to Raise a Green Dog this week, we found some super cool green toys, treats and other gear. And we'll have some other information from our friend Eddie at Pets for the Environment and his buds at the Environmental Working Group about a study they've just released about fluroide in dog food, yuck!!! That's nasty stuff if you get too much of it. So stay tuned.

We're gettin' ready for the big Fourth of July weekend. We hope to get in some nice hiking, agility practice, a little barbequeing, and more! Hope you all have a super great holiday!


  1. Your flowers are lovely, and that bird is red, red, red! We don't have Cardinals in our neck of the woods. Too bad!
    I love the picture with the new poo bag holders. What adorable faces!

    Have a great 4th!!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful! We have at least a pair of cardinals most of the time in our yard and each year they have a couple babies. We enjoy watching them when they are begging for food.

    Sounds like you all have been busy. I went to agility practice today at our club and mom put a piece of chicken at one end of the dogwalk and showed it to me and then took me to the other end and I FLEW across the dogwalk to get to the chicken! There definitely is something to this targeting stuff (mom just worries about fading it)!

  3. Your flowers are lovely, Johann! We especially love the lavender! Ours is blooming too!
    We're off to check out your website!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Thanks Emma Rose!!! It's neat to see some red flying by, mixed in with the yellow finches :)

    Ricky, that's pawsome about the flying for chicken. Fading isn't as difficult as you may think :) Least it's not fur us.

    Mum loves the Lavender too Maggie and Mitch, it's just so relaxing and she needs that after us, BOL!!! Thanks for checking out the shop!!!

  5. Uh oh! New Ottosson toys that can be shipped anywhere in the world? I can feel the money stirring in my purse and demanding to be spent.

  6. I like the flowers, too, esp. the black-eyed susans. When I had hydrangeas, they drooped when it got very hot no matter how much water they had, but would perk up again in the cool of the evening.


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