Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Fun Games for Dogs - Pulling off Mum's socks 1+2

When Mum likes to help me work my backend and also help strengthen my iliopsoas, we do a little tugging. I love to tug, so it's an easy for me!

To make tugging a little more interesting, Mum came up with the idea of teaching me to tug her socks off. A somewhat useful trick for her, I would guess :)

Since I love to tug, Mum had me tugging off her sock in about three minutes flat! She started putting the sock on just a few inches on her foot, to make it easy to start. Then she gradually put the sock further and further on her foot, until it was all the way on.

In those three minutes, I was pulling the sock entirely off her foot. We just made sure to stay on the carpet and keep off the porcelain tile it's much easier to tug that way, BOL!

Now Gracie was different, she always is, BOL!! She didn't try to tug Mum's sock off, she was just nose touching it. She's not quite yet the tugger I am. So Mum was working with her, and it was taking too much of Gracie's brain, so they went on to something more fun for Gracie.

Then the next day Mum was having me pull off her sock for real one night, and Gracie was watching. Mum decided to put her sock on the other foot to see what Gracie would do, and voila! Gracie pulled it right off her foot, go figure! I taught her a trick :) Watch and learn baby, watch and learn :)

Here's the vid. Super easy trick to learn, so go out there and have some fun!


  1. How fun! We enjoyed the video. Such smart kids!

  2. Now you have to learn how to put it back on your mom's foot!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. That's a very fun and cute trick! Now you two need to learn how to put the socks in the laundry hamper!

    BTW, mom likes your mum's "paws off" sweats!!!

  4. Oh my dog! What a great idea! Only my socks would be covered in drool by the time the girls were done.

    I have been thinking about your blog a lot lately.. I need to do something with these beasts... I'm going to try out some of these tricks/games. Thanks!

  5. Momma and I fink dat is just too cute! MOL hehehe

    Luvs you Johann and Gracie!


  6. Hi Mr Johann,

    My name is Benson. My new human said I should say hello to you because you are very cool. I hope we can be friends.
    I was scared to leave a comment because I am just a puppy, I dont quiet understand all the rules yet, but he said if I just tell you his name is Greg, that you would understand, and be my friend.

    Your blog is really cool, and your very clever to take off your mommies sock without eating it. I like to eat things. Greg had a very tasty sweater on when he came to visit me, and he didnt even get cranky when i sunk my teeth into it. I think he is going to be fun to live with.

    I am not so sure if its ok for me to call you Johann, because you are a big grownded up dog, and i dont want to be disretecptable, so I think I should call you Mr Johann.

    I hope we can be friends because you are really cool

    My new human mommy Miss Brooke wants to know things about barf diet, because i think she wants to eat vomit? My new dad said that you probably know things about barfing, so if you could email them some links or somthing,they would like that lots.

    You are a very smart doggy

    Luv Benson


  7. great trick, loved the pants, gotta go see if we can meet Benson who lives with people named Brooke and Greg...
    your pal, Morgan


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