Monday, August 10, 2009

Tricks, tricks!

You know how much Gracie, Mum and I love tricks. So we were excited when Mum met Kyra Sundance and Chalsey on Facebook the other day, and Kyra was kind enough to tell us that our pull off the socks trick was #102, BOL!!!

They are the authors of 101 Dog Tricks - Step-by-step activities to engage, challenge and bond with your dog which we've seen around. And last year they came out with a new DVD. The other day they posted a little YouTube vid trailer of the DVD and we wanted to share with you!

Hope you enjoy! We picked up a couple of ideas for new tricks just from the YouTube vid :)


  1. Do you love tricks? Sounds like that. I believe that you are video savvy and will learn new tricks quickly but make sure that you are not learning bad tricks and get good scolding from your mom.

  2. I remember Chalcey from a show on TV about people showing their dogs ... they were a pretty unique team!



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