Monday, August 17, 2009

Contacts 360 Amanda Shyne DVD from AgilityVision!

Amanda Shyne's Contact 360 Seminar was held and broadcast live via VOD on June 26th, 2009 by the nice folks at AgilityVision.

They were kind enough to send us the new DVD of the seminar that they put together to try out!

The DVD is a 2 disc set with about 4 hours of content from the 5 hour seminar, priced at $49.99. The video is also available from Agility Vision via VOD for $24.99 with 72 hours of availability, which will give you plenty of time to view the entire four hours of video.

Here's a trailer to give you a taste!

Even though we don't do 2o2o, we sure got a lot of ideas from the DVD, including (my favorite of the entire DVD) how to get me to speed up across the mid plank of the dogwalk, where I could always use some improvement.

Amanda was a terrific presenter, very personable, helpful and kind, and she shared a ton of info. I particularly liked how she broke down how to separate parts of contact behavior and how to improve each part for the utmost performance. And if you do 2o2o, you've got a lot of ideas packed into this DVD about how to make them very reliable, as well as ideas for turning after and approaches.

We loved her consistent reminder to reward the parts of the contacts you are training; example, if training approach, reward approach. And loved her ideas on teeter training, which we really need to work on speeding up my teeter performance.

Here's a bit from the DVD cover:

Amanda Shyne is the '07 and '09 USDAA Northeast Regional Grand Prix winner from the 22" class. She was a 2008 USDAA Nationals Grand Prix and Steeplechase finalist, placing 3rd in Grand Prix finals.

In this seminar Amanda showed how she trained the consistent and lightning fast two-on-two-off contacts with her dog "Dilly" -- and showed how these contact skills can be used to improve any kind of contact behavior, such as the running contact of her young dog "Gimme." Along with training two-on-two-off contacts, this seminar covered:

* Teaching contact entries and exits
* Speed over the board
* Training a fast, happy, and reliable teeter
* Proofing your contacts
* Contact problem-solving

This video is great for anyone who wants some tips on how to speed up a dog on contacts -- as well as for those people who have fast dogs and need to add some control and reliability!

Great DVD, great presenter!

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  1. I just have to say I love that picture! So fluffy and cute and I just want to kiss that nose!


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