Saturday, August 15, 2009

The art of rolling in yucky stuff!

Ahhh...rolling in yucky stuff, it's the best!!!

Why do dogs like to roll in yucky stuff? Some say it's instinct, a way for us to mask our own scent, so we can sneak up on prey and take 'em by surprise. Others say it's a way for us to communicate that we've found some yummy stuff!

Who knows, I just love to do it! And Mum is kind enough to let me do it all I want in our yard. Other places outside our yard are another matter, 'cause she doesn't know where those yucky things come from.

But then of course Mum sometimes has to get out the 4396508 water filter and clean me off. But she doesn't mind, she likes to let me be a dog!

So roll I do!!!! In my yard, every chance I get. My rolling technique? Sniff, nose dive, skim across with my entire body, rise up, shake, and repeat if necessary! Oh yeah!!!


  1. if you are fast, and plan it right, and have some luck, you can get at least a good face full of stinky stuff outside of your yard! I've managed to do that a couple of times.
    your pal, Morgan

  2. Hi Johann! I never roll in stinky stuff, but I do like to dry off from playing in the hose by rubbing all over the grass. I think mom would have a stroke if I rolled in something she considered gross! You're so lucky to have such a cool mum!

  3. This is an interesting autobiography. I went through your words, but it is still not clear that why you are rolling. Before framing any answer be thoughtful because I am a Labrador Trainer so I can understand if you are lying. Be honest......


Thanks for barking in!

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