Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Deer antlers rawk!

Gracie and I have a new favorite chew! And dog are we happy about it. It's just not that easy to find safe, healthy dog chews ya know?

So what are they? Naturally shed deer antlers and they rawk! Here I am enjoying mine!

And here's Gracie gnawing her way around her larger one.

What do we like about 'em?

They are organic and natural. Most all the companies we found that have them collect the deer antlers in the wild that are naturally shed by the deer, so nobody has to be harmed for us to enjoy them.

Antlers, unlike most dog bones you get at the store, don't chip or splinter when you chew on them. They may look like they have some sharp little edges, which Mum first worried about, but after just seconds, the edges got soggy and were perfectly safe.

They last a long, long time. Mum doesn't let us have them everyday, and she doesn't let us have them for more than 30 minutes, so one chew is lasting us weeks, which is great! When you chew them, they grind down very slowly. Gracie is kind of an aggressive chewer, and her larger antler is lasting just as long as my medium size one.

They don't have any odor and they won't stain the carpet, which Mum loves. And we've been chewing on our antlers for over a week with absolutely no tummy upset.

One day Mum gave me mine and I ran around the house for 30 minutes before I started in chewing. She thinks that's funny, BOL!!

You can get Free Range Buckarooz Premium Antlerz Dog Chew, Antlerz Nature's Own Dog Chew Treat and ZiwiPeak Good Dog Deer Antlers from PetFoodDirect, here are some coupons:

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You can also get the ZiwiPeak Good Dog Deer Antler Treats from OnlyNaturalPet.com too. Here's a coupon for them if you've never purchased from them before:

Save 5% on your first order at Only Natural Pet Store! Coupon code CJ15.

Deer antlers? We give them 5 (yes, 5!) paws up!


  1. Tank woo fur the pawsitive chewatary...

    I might have to leave this page open on Mom's laptop...maybe she'll take the hint!


  2. Thanks, Johann, for the info on the deer antlers! They are the bestest but not so easy to find!

  3. Thanks for the great info, we've never heard of deer antlers before for chewing!

  4. We just posted about antlerz! We love them and they do last forever! Mitch finally whittled one down to a too small size and mom tossed it and bought him a monster size! He should be all set for 3 years now!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Yummy - those antlers look good! You two are lucky dogs!!

  6. thanks, Johann, that sounds good. We don't have many deer here in Australia, but we buy venison dogfood from New Zealand, so I might ask Honey the Great Dane whether it's possible to buy them in NZ.

  7. Well you have our gang drooling! Thanks for the post - we have been looking for such treats...

  8. Deer antlers! I never would have thought of that. I love that they're shed naturally, no harm to the deer.



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