Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun games & tricks for dogs - Turn off the light switch!

Gracie learns to turn off the light switch!

Have to say that Mum wanted to teach me this trick too, but I'm a little short in the poop for this activity. She's thinking about using a chair to boost me. In the meantime, we'll show you Gracie's new trick.

Mum started by placing Gracie's target (our yogurt container lid) taped to the wall, but Gracie loves that target so much she used her mouth to pull it off and then ran around the house like a crazy dog. Just a little too stimulating :) So then Mum used two criss-crossed pieces of tape to the wall to get Gracie interested in pawing the tape, starting low where Gracie could paw it easily. Worked great!

Then Mum moved the tape up the wall until it was over the light switch. When Gracie got the hang of pawing the tape on the light switch and turning off the light, Mum then removed the tape and voila! Gracie got it! Then she named the trick and started sending Gracie to the light switch from a further and further distance. Now Gracie can go across the room to turn of the light switch. Sure will save on our light bill, BOL!!!



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  2. I thought that using the tape and moving it higher and higher was a brilliant idea!! Gracie did a great job with this trick!

  3. that was pawsome. Say good-night Gracie.
    your pal, Morgan

  4. I have one dog and i wanted to train it but i do not find any good trainer here in elsenham. The dog is able to turn of the light switch i am never imagine and say good night to Gracie.


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