Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What is your favorite type of dog toy?

I have a lot of favorite types of toys and I bet your dog does too. So I got curious and wanted to know what types of dog toys are your favorites, or the favorites of your dogs!

Vote below, and feel free to select all that apply :)


  1. The poll lacked the sheepskin and bunny furr ones. But plush and sqeakers, we do love 'em!

  2. Oh I love those sheepskin & bunny fur ones too! I tug with 'em :)

  3. It varies so much from dog to dog that it's hard to answer. What I buy today will probably not be what I bought 5 years ago or what I'll buy 5 years from now. Sheba loved the floppy plastic left over from a beach ball. Amber liked hard plastic things or sticks. Remington liked his plush "flippy". Jake was into porcupine squeakies. Boost likes bone-shaped plush with a squeakie in the middle. Tika prefers nonplush things that we can play tug with.

  4. cool poll Johann! I am right in the "norm". I suppose that's good to know..


Thanks for barking in!

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