Thursday, September 03, 2009

Around the dog agility blog-o-sphere!

Reminder: The Midwest Agility Championships will be held On October 23-25, 2009 at a new site with indoor sports turf, the Libertyville Sports Complex, Liberty, IL. Closing date for entries is September 26th. Here's a link to the premium.

Looks like 'recreational' dog agility is the latest business venture to be franchised. The Zoom Room announced today their launch of the Nation's first dog agility franchise opportunity. Read more.

OK, this is just cool! We've seen sheep, pigs, hammies, cats and other 4-leggers do agility, but I've never seen a parakeet do agility, until now!!! Check out this post and vid :)

Tricks? You want tricks?
A great video - teaching your dog to tug from KiKopup!

This would be so much fun! Cosi did an agility demo at their local fair and they set up an agility race between two dogs at the same time. I wanna try that!!!!

Check out our latest article for Dog Sport Magazine - Greening the Doo! How you can take care of your dog's poo and keep earth friendly at the same time.

ESPN will broadcast the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Eastern Regionals on Sun, September 20, 5pm – 6pm. Check your local listings for any changes.

A new series from Animal Planet will kick off on Saturday, October 3, at 8 PM (ET/PT). Featuring Zak George of YouTube fame the series, SuperFetch, will focus on Zak and his proteges, as he works with pet parents showing them how to transform their ordinary pet into a trick-doing stunt jockey and in the process strengthens the bond they have with their beloved companion. Should be fun!

The new HBO Films movie, based on Jon Katz book, "A Dog Year" will premiere tomorrow night, 8 PM on HBO, starring Jeff Bridges.

New video of Bi doing agility training with Silvia Trkman, such a young pup and awesome contacts. Also love he start line stay :)

EDIT AM 9-3-2009:

Last night we learned of yet another gut wrenching loss to the agility community. Our hearts go out to the families of Focus and Bailey as they try and cope with the passing of their amazing agility teammates.

Focus, who passed away very suddenly yesterday at practice, enjoyed life with Geri Hernandez. Focus was only five years old and just beginning the prime of his agility life. Last year Focus and Geri placed placed fourth at the FCI World Championships and they were were set to compete September 18-20 at this year's FCI Dog Agility World Championships in Dornbirn, Austria, as a member of the AKC US World Team. Read more about Geri and Focus, and their amazing accomplishments. (Photo courtesy

Bailey, age 11 years, fell ill and passed on August 17 from kidney and liver failure due to Leptospirosis. Throughout their agility 'career' Mike and Bailey achieved an amazing list of titles and placements, with their crowning accomplishment as last year's IFCS World Champion multiple Gold Medalists in Standard, Gamblers, Jumping, and all around. (Photo Karen Moureaux

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