Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bugs, bugs and more bugs!

We are being overrun with bugs lately!!!

Here's one of those big Bumble Bees taking over Wiggy's Sage. He's kinda hard to see in the pic, but Wiggy sure can't go out there and roll around in his Sage now.

Mum planted some Sedum right near our patio entrance. She is so sorry she did that, since the Sedum is overrun by bees this time of year. She's gonna move it soon.

I remember when I was just a year old, I came in from outside one day and Mum noticed a little bump on my nose. She pushed on it and it didn't hurt, and I was breathing normally so she wasn't too worried.

She went upstairs to fold some laundry, came back down about 15 minutes later and my nose was the size of a golf ball. Boy did she panick!!! She pretty much instantly knew it was a bee sting, so she put a little Traumeel on the bump, then watched me closely all night to make sure I was breathing OK. By morning, I was just fine.

But she went out the next morning to the store for some of that capsule liquid Benedryl, just in case I got bit again. 'Cause if it woulda been on my tongue, I woulda been in big trouble!

And of course, Gracie loves to snap at 'em with her big chompers. Scares Mum to death! There are so many, we may have to check out one of those cross country moving companies and get the heck outta here. Yikes!

Then the other day we found this cute little baby Praying Mantis trying to get in our house. Love how those little bugs change colors depending upon what surface they are on at the time. Just a few hours later we found his Mama on our shurb enjoying a nice bee for lunch. Wonder if they taste good?

Then, we went out for our morning potty the other day and guess who's taken over our empty pool? Yep, a big ole spider!!! He stayed for three days, but he's off on other adventures now.

And one of those bees tried running my dogwalk. Guess his running contact took a lot out of him, because it doesn't look he lived through it, even though he hit the contact! Good Bee!

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  1. You shore has lots of bugs at your house. No wonner mom skreems when I try to catch a bee wif my mouf. I never has caut one yet coz when mom skreems I look at her to see wot she is skreeming at and the bee flies away.

  2. Your Mum is so smart to screen Shawnee. My Mum always has to tell Gracie, watch out! Those things bite!!! BOL!! Silly Mums :)

  3. We don't have bumble bees in Australia. In fact, the native bees are tiny! But we do have the small, normal bees, since European arrival on this continent.

    I was amazed when I saw my first bumblebee in England. They are huge!

    How would I use the Benedryl if Penny were stung? Is it an antihistamine that's for humans and dogs?

  4. No Bubble Bees, that's something I didn't know :)

    Benedryl is an antihistamine for humans, but my vet said that if JoJo would have gotten stung on the tongue that it could swell up and choke him. So she recommended I keep Benedryl in the liquid caplet form in our first aid kit. If he got stung in the mouth the liquid given him could be swallowed whereas a pill couldn't. And the liquid caplet was the easiest form to keep and transport.

    May have to look up more info on that, just to be sure.

    You can bet if he was choking, I'd bite open the end of that caplet and squirt that stuff right in his mouth :)

  5. HI Johann,

    We have too many bugs at our house too. We have a theory about the heat having something to do wth it. Most of them are good (we love Mantis) but the ants and too many spiders are pesky:(

  6. We have a lot of bees here too, Johann, and mosquitoes and spiders! I have never been stung by a bee, but from your story, I sure hope I never am!

    Thanks for the advice about liquid capsule benadryl - mom had thought of benadryl but not of the liquid part. Makes sense.

  7. I haven't seen a praying mantis in years. (Haven't been looking, either.) We were sitting on the grass in agility class this week when suddenly one flew out of nowhere and sat briefly on my classmate's shoe! We all oohed and aahed before she flew away. Great insect to have around. They eat pesky things as well as nice things like bees.


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