Thursday, September 17, 2009

FCI Agility World Championships - updates and info!

Some information gathered regarding the FCI Agility World Championships being held in Dornbirn, Austria, this Friday-Sunday.

There is an unofficial Twitter account- FCI Agility World Championships on Twitter! @awc09

The Twitter Hashtag: #awc09 and Twitterwall: (will have combined info from Twitterers that utilize the hashtag)

Full schedule for Friday - Sunday.

Blogs we found providing updates:
Live free stream of team practice continuing today until about Noon EST. USA team practice is at 1o:35 AM EST best estimate.

Link to team practice schedule (LocalTime-Austria).

Coverage of event from AKC website.

AgilityVision with the help of Clean Run will be providing VOD and livestream of the entire event. The base product is live streaming plus Video on Demand streaming until September 30th, 2009 - cost $19, or 12 Pounds or 13 Euros. You can add on an additional 1 year of Video on Demand streaming (expires September 30th, 2010) for an extra $10, or 6.85 Euros or 6 Pounds. More info...

Also Eric (AgilityVision) may have some updates via Twitter this weekend @agilityvision.

We'll be updating this blog post with whatever information we find throughout the weekend.

Enjoy and good luck to everyone!!!

Update 9-17-2009 - Evening

Canada - Blogging from the event - Rio and Tiffany
Link to participants, running orders, courses and results.
There was a server overload on the free team practice live stream yesterday morning. If you missed Team SWE and USA practice near the end of the live stream, AgilityVision has free video on demand of the two teams during their practice.

Friday Results

Team Jumping - Large Dog Course

Team Results - Large:
1 - GER
2 - RUS
3 - ESP
12 - USA

Individual Results from Team - Large:

1 - Topps/Juice - US
2 - Trkman/Bu
3 - Jänesniemi/Omie

Team Jumping - Medium Dog Course

Team Results - Medium:

1 France
2 Switzerland
3 Finland

Individual Results from Team - Medium:

1 Trkman/La
2 Laitinen/Robi
3 Mast/Darkey
6 Deakon/Luka - US

Team Jumping - Small Dog Course

Team Results - Small:

1 France
2 Switzerland
3 Russia
4 Austria
5 Canada

Individual Results from Team - Small:

1 Adyns/U2 gold
2 Schröder/Chip
3 Krenk/Lu
21 Del Villaggio/Kelsi - US

Team Agility - Large Dog Course

Team Results Jumping & Agility - Large

17 USA

Individual Results Agility - Large

1 Lorentzen/Simic
2 Edrová/Djovi
3 Tumanova/Baksa
21 Thomas/Zippity

(Results may be unofficial at this time)

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