Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Helping pet pantries and food banks!

New friends of ours at sent me a cool t-shirt the other day. I think it brings out the brown in my eyes, don't you? BOL!!!

They have a pretty cool little fund raising program going on right now to help pets with families that are struggling during this tough economy.

If you sign up at their sight and upload a pic, they will donate $1 to one of four pet food pantries across the US. I thought it was a super cool idea, so I headed right over and signed up.

It only took me 5 minutes and I had a page all put up about my favorite subject, of course, ME, BOL!!! And the cool thing is even though they have my email now, it's been a couple of months and no nasty communique, gotta love that!

Some super nice folks over there just working to help out some pups during these tough times. If you got five minutes, we recommend heading on over to their site and signing up. It's a super easy way to get a little kibble into the mouths of those in need. And those pet food banks and pantries always need food to feed all the hungry pets out there.

And who knows, you may even meet some other pawsome pets and made some new friends, we sure did! And we love making new friends.


  1. I've signed up!

    It was khool to see one of the choices fur the donation was in Merryland!

    Tank woo fur sharing this!


  2. Kool Khyra!!! Thanks! Feel free to spread the news...everypups dollar put together can really add up!


Thanks for barking in!

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