Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When we were just babies!

Last night we were on Twitter, reading some of our friends tweets and saw little Kiyomi's Dads post about what it's like to have a little 20 week old sheltie in his life.

It got me remembering (Mum too :) about my sheltie puppyhood. The chewing, the neighbor kids ooooing and awwwing over me when Mum took me out and about, our first training class and how I wanted to play with everyone and every pup throughout the entire hour. Ohh, the memories!

So we thought it would be fun to post our baby pics (well at least the first formal pics of all of us).

Here's is Wolfie...he was the first to join the pack. He was about 6 months old in this pic, best guess. He was feral and had never been around a single person or in a home before, but took to Mum like glue. Here he is on the back balcony in the apartment Mum had before we got our big house. His favorite activity upon arrival was cuddling with Mum and batting a golf ball around the kitchen for hours and hours during the middle of the night. He was so much more energetic than any kittie Mum had ever had. Still is...

And here is Wiggy...the second edition. Mum got Wiggy mainly because Wolfie needed a playmate (I know, not the best reason). But in true fashion of our family, Wiggy quickly became a key member of the pack, and added a fun and loving dimension to the household. We don't know what we'd do without our 'stand up to any dog,' tough cookie, Wiggy.

You know how those big dogs go through those super ugly gangly stages? Wiggy went through one of those at about 6-8 months, then he kept growing and growing and growing, for about three years, Mum says. Now he is a big (nearly as big as me) Maine Coone mix with doggy savviness to spare.

Then of course came me. You may remember, I was adopted from a shelter here in Indy at 12 weeks. This was the first pic Mum took of me when she got me home. Many say I look wise way beyond my years in this pic. Oh, they have no idea!!!!

And then there's Gracie, our goofy girl, our hippie of the family, our luv bug. Gracie was about 6-8 months old when she came to join our family. She was a herder from day one. Here she is trying to herd me, no less, on her first day with us!

But wait...there's someone missing! Mum....where are you?

Here you are!!!! This is Mum's, first official photo after she could sit, BOL!!! Lots of people used to remark and ask what she had in her cheeks that made them so poofy. When she started talking she would to tell them it was cotton.

She had a good sense of humor from the get go. And you'll notice that unlike me, she wasn't very good at sitting and staying. And those little curls? They just got curlier and curlier much to her dismay during her teen years, but now she's right in style :) Gotta luv her!

You got baby pics? We'd luv to see 'em. Leave a comment with a link, we want to go take a look!


  1. Hi Johann,

    Those are some pretty cute baby photos!

  2. Cute baby pictures! They're so adorable when they're young you forget how much trouble they actually got into. Hmmm...maybe I should get another puppy...or a kitty to play with Stetson and Linus...

  3. Nothing cuter than baby pups and kitties.

    I tried to make links to our baby photos, but it didn't work. Oh, well.

  4. I didn't enter my mom's life until I was about one or two sooo no khute baby pikhs of me


    I do manage to sneak pikhs of my mom on many of my Tuesday posts!

    PeeEssWoo: Such khuties all of woo are!

  5. Awww...such darling baby pictures, especially the one of your mum!

  6. Loved all of your baby pictures. We have baby pictures up on our blog too! Have a great weekend!

  7. Your childhood reminiscence reminded me of a Sheltie from my own childhood. My mom's best friend had a Sheltie with an unusual pink birthmark on her forehead. I'd never seen that bright pink color on a dog before.

    By the time I turned ten I'd figured it out - when I finally realized that my mom's friend always wore the exact same bright pink lipstick, and always kissed her beloved Sheltie on the same spot every day. Mystery solved!

    Thank you for always being such a great voice in the Dog Agility world!

  8. OK, "mum" was a pretty cute kid, and I'm not much into small children.


Thanks for barking in!

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