Monday, October 05, 2009

Gracie's trip to the store!

It was kind of a rough weekend fur me this past weekend. Somehow, I ended up straining my back again. Sheesh!!!

In the beginning it was tough for Mum to figure out what was going on - my abdomen was tight, I was all hunchy, and I didn't want to do anything but lie in my bed. Oh that worries Mum so....

She gave me some tummy pills, 'cause my breath was a little sour. Helped my breath, but didn't help whatever was going on, even though it did settle my tummy. So the she gave me some Traumeel (since it's the only pain killer my tummy can tolerate). That helped a lot! So after about two and a half days, I'm back to my wacky self.

We even went for a 2 mile walk last night and I was raring to go throughout the entire walk. Guess the cooler weather just got me all bunched up. Mum has no clue, but for some reason, everytime the cooler weather kicks in, I pull something, or strain something, or just get all sore.

But we're all happy I'm already back to my normal self.

So what happened with Gracie, while I was chillin' and healin'?

Nearly every weekend the past month or so, Mum has been taking Gracie to different places to work on her focus in strange and new environments. And yes, they have been going without ME!!! Can you believe it?

Yesterday, they took a trip to Pet Supplies Plus, because they were having a sale on some kibble we like. Gracie did a great job shopping yesterday, we got 50 total lbs of Fromm's Chicken A La Veg and Surf & Turf for about $39.00, a great bargain. They were having buy one 5 lb bag and get one free, then they gave us $5 off coupons for each of the two bags. Gracie seems to be a better shopper than Mum, BOL!!!

Here she is surrounded by her favorite food.

Mum needs to order us some more raw duck necks from our supplier, so until she can get around to picking 'em up, Gracie decided to pick out some turkey necks to tie us over. Make sure you get the good ones, Gracie!

While she was there, she met this cutie, Cupid! Cupid got her name because she has a heart on her back. She was a wacky, wild little thing, a Brittany, we think. We noticed she needs just a tad big of fat burner, BOL!!!

She couldn't calm down long enough to get a good pic of that heart she has! But we understand, she had just had a bath in the do it yourself dog bath room. And I know how I want to act after I get a bath...can you say zoomies?

Then Gracie met another pup who had just gotten his bath - this is Luka. He wouldn't stay still long enough for a good pic either!

After Gracie got back, I just had to sniff her up and down, all those new smells!!! And she told me all about how she scarfed up treats off the floor.

And, of course, Mum put the turkey necks in the fridge to thaw out a bit, after I got a whiff....I think we're gonna get some today!!!


  1. You is the best shopper, Gracie. Wot a deal you got on your foods! Glad to hear you is feeling better, Johann. I think mom needs some of your meds - she pulled a muscle in her knee while hiking yesterday and is hobbling around today. She has 6 days to get better :)

  2. I hope woo are feeling a bit better -

    That Gracie is khwite the shopper!

    I'm still turkey nekhk deprived - Mom just hasn't gotten a chance to get some fur me -


  3. what a shopping trip...and without you Johann! I hope they made up for it with those necks.

  4. My goodness, Johann! I was sorry to hear you hurt yourself again and then glad to hear you are already feeling much better! What a relief! Maybe all that hiking you have been doing helped you to heal fast! Take care of yourself, though, ok?

    Gracie looks happy and cute at the pet store! Even though I am sure you don't like being left at home alone, it was a great idea your mum had to do some trips just with Gracie. I am sure it is helping her to focus better.

  5. Johann, sorry to hear you were in pain, but glad that Traumeel fixed it. What's in Traumeel? (Apologies if you've mentioned this previously.)

    Also, are turkey necks soft like chicken necks? My butcher told me not to give Penny turkey legs because the bones are too hard. Is that right? (We don't eat much turkey in Australia, so I would have to search out turkey, but I'll do it if you recommend it.)

  6. Hi Penny and Mum :) Yep the Traumeel totally fixed it, we even went on a three mile hike yesterday, still feeling good :)

    Here's a link to the Traumeel I take, one pill at a time, sometimes once a day, sometimes twice a day - depends when I need it. It's a homeopathic. All the prescription pain meds eat at my stomach and make me sick. We luv our Traumeel. Mum even puts the cream (not gel) on skin or pad ouches.

    About the turkey necks, they are very big, and yes they are harder than chicken or duck necks. We ate them hardily and no ill affects, but I think we will stick with raw duck and chicken necks from now on. Mum had a super difficult time cutting them in two inch sections for us because they are harder.

  7. Oops wanted to leave the link for the Traumeel:

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Johann, thanks for the info about turkey necks.
    I'm going to check out whether Traumeel is available in Australia. it sounds good.


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