Friday, October 02, 2009

How safe is your tennis ball?

Important info to check out on Raise A Green Dog.

We wrote about and their testing of over 400+ pet products for toxic chemicals. Head on over and see if your pup products are safe, K? We think you may be surprised. They have info on everything from beds, collars, toys, bowls and more.

Good site to bookmark, as they will be testing more pet products in the future!


  1. Hey Johann... as always,good info! We put their widget on our blog so we could keep it handy. Thanks, Morgan and Maisie

  2. Thanks for the link. And thanks for the comment on our thieving bird. As I said over there, I'm nervous of killing birds with a net, because it happened in my friend's tree and the bird died a slow death. (Both she and we aren't there all the time.)

    But a neighbor has tried wrapping their tree in Christmas tinsel, so I'm going to try that!


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