Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gracie and I tackle the Nina Ottosson Dog Casino!

A couple of weeks ago Mum ordered some Nina Ottosson toys for our JohannTheDog Direct part of our site.

And what a nice surprise! The company we ordered them from sent us a couple of the toys to test out so we could show you how much we enjoy them. How nice, and big thanks to them!

We were very eager to try them out - we got the Dog Casino and the Dog Box. So we quickly went to work!

The ultimate goal of the Dog Casino is to pick up the little locking pegs, and then slide out the little 'drawer' to get the treats. Mum started by letting me slide out the drawers without the pegs. Then she realized it probably would have been better to teach me to pick up the locking pegs first, because then she had to teach me to unlock the pegs, and THEN slide out the little 'drawers.' It was a process, but a fun, learning one!

It took a bit for Gracie to learn how to pick up the pegs. Mum started by showing her the peg close to her nose and clicked when she grabbed it with her mouth. Then Mum progressively moved it closer to the board, until Gracie was picking up the peg from it's spot on the board. She got it pretty quickly.

So here's the first go...

Then the next day or so Mum let us both have a go at it again...and we were really getting the hang of it. It's a really fun game, and we learned some new things; especially how to pick up the pegs.

The neat thing about the Nina Ottosson toys is that many of them take different skills and talents, we like that! Makes it varied and more fun. We've been working with the Dog Box, but I have to tell you after being taught for agility how to go out and touch something, and working away from Mum, it's a bit of a challenge for both me and Gracie to go grab something and put it somewhere, like in a box. We're working on it though!


  1. Johann - you and your sis did a great job of learning how to play that game! I would have a hard time picking up the peg and would prefer to paw at the drawer (like you two did some of the time) but you got the peg thing really quickly! Thanks for sharing the new toy with us!

  2. You guys are so smart! We loved watching you with your new toy and we loved your mom's enthusiasm!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. That is a cool one! How big around are the pegs? Are they chewable?


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