Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Great weekend hike!

Amazing weather this past week for this time of year. I think it was in the high 50's, no wind, and kinda sunny this past weekend. How lucky are we?

So what did we do? Yep, we went hiking on Sunday!!! Can I tell ya how much I love hiking? Arrroooo!!!!

We went to the River Road Park again, since Mum thought we would enjoy hiking in the woods more than anything. Can she read my mind or what? She had us sit again at the canoe launch, but we were most interested in getting going!

The first thing we did was venture into the dense. Lot of great smells in there, burrs up the wazoo, even some thorny bushes that didn't bother me as much as Mum, BOL!!

This is the only blooming thing we saw on the entire hike, a little woodsy flower, with an amazing purple color.

We stopped to take in the White River views. Without the leaves on the trees you can see a lot further. The river wasn't too high or too low, and wasn't flowing very fast. So it was super quiet...and we just took it all in.

Gracie had this odd mesmerized look on her face all day, guess that's what nature does fur a hippy girl, BOL!

We hiked about a mile through the woods, then we got on the walking path. We walked the entire path which is five miles. At the end of the path, before heading back there is another woodsy area to hike through. So we ventured on.

There were a lot of squirrels back in here, which made us go bonkers, of course :) And it ended at the little creek that flows into the White River.

We stopped and Mum saw this tree that had dead leaves, but they hadn't dropped yet. We thought it was a very cool nature work of art.

Speaking of art, on the walking path back we saw these vines that had lost all their leaves. There were probably 50 or so birds rattling around in there. And you know how much I love birds! We would make a little sound and they would fly out, then immediately come back. Then, we'd be quiet, and it would start all over again. Such a fun game!

Walking around the neighborhood, I've recently become obsessed with drains. This time of year, they have very different smells than other times of the year and I just can't stay away from any of them. Thankfully for Mum, we only had one drain on the walking path...

After the five miles on the walking path, we got back into the woods for another mile hike through there. Gracie was wide eyed on this trip, but not nearly as manic as her last venture into this woods. She was really enjoying herself. And Mum found out how helpful she can be, when Gracie pulled her up a steep hill, after Mum slipped. Sometimes leash pulling can come in very handy, BOL!!!

Mum loves moss, it's so artistic in nature she says. There was moss everywhere in the woods this time, even on the south side of the trees. Whoops!!! Here's one of her favorite moss pics from Sunday.

Couldn't resist the obligatory photo with the dead log! BOL!!!

We had such a fun time!!! Hope you had a great weekend too!


  1. Hey Johann - I'm glad you got to go for another hike last weekend! We have had nice weather for November! Is it all going to end tomorrow though? Guess we'll have to talk our moms into hiking in the cold and snow too!

  2. I love this blog and I send my hugs out to Johann -- I am glad you enjoyed your hike. I am going to keep up with this venturous pup!

  3. Tank woo fur sharing that khool hike!

    Mom says woo had some furry nice scenery and kholours!


  4. HA HA - burrs up the wazoo. geez, I hate that. And mom says she has to get them out right away or they will be there furever. She's right - got one in my lip once, digging at it.
    your pal, Morgan


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