Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Howling Howliday Contributor Spotlight - KoKos Pet Vitamin Shower!

One of the pawsome contributors to Johann's Howling Howliday Giveaway is KoKos Pet Spa!

They have contributed one of their new Pet Vitamin Showers to our giveaway, and I have to say these get my four paw stamp of approval. They sent us one not too long ago for free, to test and try.

What do we like about the Pet Vitamin Shower? For one thing it's green and you know how much I love green!

Why is it green? The shower head filters out 99.9% of the harmful chlorine and chloramine contained in tap water - that's the nasty stuff that makes your skin dry and scaly, and the exposure to those harmful chemicals, well, it isn't good for ya, especially in warmer water. And it has a water flow rate feature that uses 50% less water than traditional faucets and shower heads, helping to save the valuable resources we have available to us through this pawsome planet.

The shower head also includes optional massaging action, providing additional therapeutic benefits for pets. Who wouldn't like a nice massage when you have to suffer through a bath right? BOL!!

The other cool thing is they have a super neat holiday contest going on themselves! It's called "Clean Up For the Holidays" pet photo contest, and special Zoomie Award. And it's a great chance to not only win a Pet Vitamin Shower of your own (an $89.00 value) but you can win some other cool stuff like a bath toy, treats for being good, a bath robe and more. But the best part is you get a chance to win a charitable contribution to your favorite shelter or rescue up to $200! So not only are they green, but they give back too!

So what are you waiting for, sign up for their Holiday Pet Bath Contest and my Howling Howliday Giveaway and really rake it in for you and for your favorite shelter or rescue!


  1. Now that is super pawsome. We have one at the moment but the silly thing always squirts dad in the face when he is giving me a bath. This sounds like it would be a great addition - if I didn't dislike baths so much. And that is so neat they are running a competition too.

  2. Hey Johann
    I went to the Kokos Site, registered and everything...but it doesn't let me upload my photo....it say's there is no gallery set up.

  3. Ohhh. Marge hates baths. Do you think this could convert her, Johann?

  4. Who knows Sam...maybe it would help :) Enter and if you win, you could try it!

  5. Hi Johann,

    We did see our video on the Koko's site but can't figure out how to vote for it. :(

    We are hoping to get a photo soon to enter into your contest too! It looks like great fun.

    Emma Rose

  6. Hey Emma, your video looks pawsome on their site. I was reading the rules and it says that the zoomie award is selected by the employees of Kokos, but the photos are voted on by peoples (or dogs :)


Thanks for barking in!

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