Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Howling Howliday Contributor Spotlight - The FURminator!!!

The first contributor to my Howling Howliday Giveaway is the FURminator. They have been super kind to donate two very cool Furminator Prize Packs with:

1). A FURminator deShedding tool, waterless deShedding spray, and deShedding dog treats.

2). FURminator TubNub bathing brush, a microfiber towel, deShedding shampoo and deShedding conditioner.

They also sent us one of their new deLuxe deShedding tools for free the other day and we honestly have to say we are big fans of the FURminator, it really cuts down on the fur around our house. And their new deLuxe deShedding, which just hit stores yesterday (December 1st), has a new ergonomic handle and a fur eject button, so Mum doesn't have to rub the tool on the floor to get the fur out, BOL!!!

We got a nice brushing the other day and look what we got, fur balls! (Not to be confusion with kittie hair balls, of course :) We truely love our FURminator!

Help support Johann's Howling Howliday Giveaway contributors, visit FURminator today!


  1. We bought one of these last year and I would NOT recommend then for thick long coated shelties as they not only strip the undercoat but the top coat too. professional Groomers also do not recommend them for long thick coats either but they are super great for short to medium lengths. That is another great prize.

  2. I have heard of some sheltie people who use them on their dogs successfully but I have no first-hand knowledge of the furminator. But Johann, you are getting some awesome contributions and will have some really great gifts to give out!

  3. Thanks guys for the info! Most of that fur is Gracie's, since I lost all my undercoat after my first year :( Sure wish I had it sometimes, I'd look more like a sheltie, BOL!!

    We really like it for the cats too (Wiggy is a long haired Maine Coon Mix) and we also love it for helping to prevent and get out the little matts behind Gracie's ears :)

  4. I have a Furminator and have been very pleased with it. I own a yellow lab (he's actually considered family) and had no idea how much fur could come off a short-haired dog. It absolutely helps the shedding issue.


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