Monday, January 04, 2010

Our Agility and Dog calendars are all updated for 2010!

Did you know that this month is Walk Your Pet Month and Train Your Dog Month? Or that January 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day? Now you can keep ahead of the pack on all kinds of days about dogs and events with Johann's Google Calendars.

This past week we completely updated our Squidoo lens and our Google Calendar to add in all the special days that honor dogs in 2010. And, we updated our Google Calendar adding in the major agility competitions that will be taking place this year throughout the world (may want to check into some motorhome insurance, if you're gonna be traveling to all these great trials :). We also added these events that will be broadcast on TV in the US ; as well as all the other great TV programs, DVDs, and theatrical releases we find that focus on dogs.

So if you want to add these days to your Google Calendar, it's pretty easy. Just click on the link for the appropriate calendar. You will be able to add the calendar dates to your Feed Reader, add to your own Google Calendar and Home Page, or download for inputting into your MS Outlook calendar.

Agility Event Calendar - lists major agility events throughout the World and TV broadcasts in the US.

Days Honoring Dogs - Days of the year that recognize and honor dogs (with a little squirrel and cat thrown in :)

Dog related TV Programs and Movies - Programs on television about dogs, as well as movies about dogs playing in theaters or being released on DVD.

You can also view the calendar on my website, or on Facebook.

Now you can keep up with all the action and events! Enjoy!!!

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  1. Will you still be trialing this year, Johann? Maybe we'll see you on TV!


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