Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Trying out the Nina Ottosson Dog Box!

Hey...remember when Mum helped me learn to fetch my little furry toy and put it in a box? Well....that was just the first step!

I got so good at 'fetching' and 'putting' that Mum finally felt I could handle the Nina Ottosson Dog Box that was sent to us free by the nice folks at (that's where we wholesale purchase the Nina Ottosson toys that we sell on JohannTheDog Direct) to test out.

So here's how it went...first Mum taught me to 'fetch and put' in a little box that little furry toy, because I am absolutely mad about that little thing. So mad about it that I will carry it around with me all day if Mum let's me.

Then she just translated my 'fetch and put' commands to the little wooden peg and Dog Box from Nina Ottosson. The Dog Box is pretty put a few treats in the box, then the goal is for me to put the peg in the box through the opening and it bumps the place where the treats are, so when I put the peg in the box, treats fall out. There are three graduated levels of openings you can slide into the box (you'll see in the video).

We're just at stage one and two, where I can put the peg (large or small one) in the larger and mid-sized whole, but I haven't mastered putting the pegs through the small whole yet. And Mum can't yet put the treats in the box, because I am more interested in getting the treats in the box, then putting the pegs in first...but we'll get there. Right now she's giving me the treats where they eject.

You'll see in the middle of the vid that Mum threw the peg and it hit the fireplace and made a big noise! Kinda scared me a little, so we had to work through that little scared stuff. I got a little confused, but we worked through it! Then, she decided to throw the peg and make the noise again...didn't scare me a bit that time.

So here's the vid of me learning the Dog Box, hope you like it!


  1. Hey, this is a great idea for rainy days. I'll tell my mom. Great job in the video btw!

  2. You're such a smart boy Johann! I don't know if I could do that, but maybe Ollie could, or even Josie. Josie learned how to use our old doggie gumball machine by hitting the lever for treats.

    Hey are your going to any agility trials soon? Mom's bringing me and Josie to Louisville in March for the big agility cluster, and Ollie will show in the dog shows. There should be about 30 Bedlingtons doing agility this time! A new record for us... it should be tons of fun!


  3. Great video! I prefer ones where the dog is learning the skill, as it shows how it's done. Thanks!
    Was it you who talked about The Amazing Treat Machine? I think I heard about it from you.

    I've got one and it's similar in concept, but not so sturdy looking.

    If it's not too much bother, could you tell me how much this toy weighs? (Always a big consideration in trying to get it to Australia!)

  4. Thanks Twinkie!!

    Hi Rudy - we thought about going to the Louisville trial, but decided not to. DOGGONE! Would have been great to meet you guys - I know you'll have lots of fun!

    Hi Parlance!
    We weighed it this morning, it's about 2.5-3.5 lbs. Lighter than the other wooden ones. You can get it here:

    I think that they ship to AUS :)

    And yes, we actually sell the Amazing Treat Machine, they are fun, but you are right, not as sturdy, but you don't have to put treats in them as often :)


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