Friday, February 05, 2010

Air Bud: Golden Retriever Special Edition out on DVD!

I don't know about you, but I just love football. Mum too!

We like gathering around in front of the TV, watching them battle it out on the field. So we were super excited when we found out that Air Bud: Golden Retriever Special Edition DVD was being released this week, just in time for the Super Bowl!!! The nice folks at Disney Studios sent us a free DVD, so we could tell ya all about it.

The Air Bud movies are one of Gracie's favorite movies to watch, our's too. Being the TV watching dog she is, we often get our tv stands situated and put a dog movie on to keep her entertained. Air Bud is one of her favorite movies, so gathering together and watching Air Bud: Golden Retriever Special Edition from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment was a super treat!

This time out, Buddy, the hoop-shooting, hotshot canine, tackles a new sport—football. When his teenage owner (played by Keven Zegers) reluctantly becomes the school’s new quarterback, Buddy catches the spirit and joins the team. Soon, the two find themselves leading the Timberwolves to the state championship. But victory hopes are sidelined when two sinister Russian circus owners take a bite out of everyone’s plans and dognap Buddy for their star attraction. (Oh...don't worry no spoilers here! :)

This special edition DVD features exclusive all-new bonus action: Sports Channel play-by-play quarterbacked by the Buddies, headed up by Budderball, and includes an Air Bud Sport Whistle Necklace – exclusive on-pack while supplies last.

So what are you waiting for? Get your football on!


  1. Thanks for the movie review of Air Bud: Golden Receiver! I've been wanting to see this movie, and now you have really convinced me to.

  2. Why should Goldens get all the glory? Bedlingtons can do that! I have even tackled a full-grown man and knocked him down, but it was from behind and I hit him behind the knees. Does that count?

    BTW that tricky cat in your previous post --- I'm kinda jealous! He's good...

    Check my blog, I've got a funny agility video. This white Bull Terrier is a stitch to watch, and we've seen her in action many times.

    (we're waiting for another foot of snow on top of the 2 feet we've already gotten!)


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