Friday, February 05, 2010

Cats can be tricky!

The other day we saw a post by our Facebook friend, Kyra Sundance. She has a fun little program, where dogs can earn "Trick Dog" titles, and our trickin' pawrents can become a "Certified Trick Dog Instructor"!

Pretty cool that now we can get rewarded with a certificate for our efforts, along with all those yummy treats we get, BOL!!!

One of the participants going for his Novice Trick Dog Title was Tripawed. But wait! Tripawed isn't a dog, he's a cat. And what a tricky cat he is. I'm sure he won't have any problem getting a job and passing through credit repair services.

Check out his entry video for his Novice Trick Dog Title. This three legger, has it going on! Too cool!


  1. Nope that's gotta be a dog in a cat costume. Actually I had just read somewhere that cats are getting into agility training. This cat is super - especially since she only is tripawed!

  2. Yep, it was a strange application, but Tripawed is our first ever cat to earn a Trick Dog title!


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