Friday, February 05, 2010

Takin' the Toofer Challenge!

Some cool, ambitious buds are taking my Toofer Challenge in honor of National Pet Dental Health Month, and brushing their toofers everyday during February!!!

Kudos go to....Shawnee!!!! Head on over to her blog and learn how to brush! She's got lots of instructions.

Also jumpin' on the Toofer Challenge bandwagon is....Yoda over at Barking Out Loud! In between his Twittering, of course :)

And...Heffner and Bess over at Life With Big Dogs, who are showing off befores and afters, and watching the tartar disappears, cool!

And Jules over at Run - Jump - Herd - Heal, is pawticipating in the Challenge, with Ike, Connor and Bug; dog that's a lotta brushin! Here's Ike sailing over a jump...gotta keep those toofers in fine shape for agility :)

And last, but certainly not least for this go around is Sid, the Catahoula, my Twitter bud. In between lifting weights, Sid is getting lots of tastes of the toofer paste.

Way to go all of you! Pretty soon, I'll have you all on my fitness equipment, walking on a treadmill, doing doggy sit ups, and workin out, BOL!!!

Remember, it's never too late to start a good brushing program, and it's not too late to pawticipate in my Toofer Challenge. Just grab one of my Toofer Challenge buttons in the previous post, link back to the original post, post on your blog, and then leave a comment letting me know your participating!

Hopefully I'll be posting lots more pics of pups joining in the Toofer Challenge, very soon!

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  1. So far mom is only missing one finger. BOL - I'm kidding. Getting better every day with practice.


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